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This LJ contains Slash and links to Slash. My fics are flocked.
I've started an InsaneJournal.
My Dragon Scroll

No webpage

The server for the free webpage I was using for my recommended fanfiction was removed in Nov 2013. I still have all the links on my PC, I just haven't found a good new webpage to upload them on. Sorry. If I get the time I might post them on Dreamwidth.


Webpage update

I've finally updated my site of recommended fanfiction. I'm trying out the crosspost thing at Dreamwidth -> LiveJournal. Too bad I couldn't add InsaneJournal too.


We're a little late with the planting this year but spring was late and short. Mom and I replanted our strawberries today. First we prepared the new wooden boxes, then we removed all the plants, dug away the old dirt and dragged the old boxes away, then we put 5 bags of dirt and manure in the two new boxes followed by re-planting the strawberry plants. It took 3.5hrs and we're both very tired and stiff. She had achy joints and I a bad back before doing this so after (and during) was not very fun.
We're not going to plant onions this year. Instead we're going to saw carrots in the two onion-boxes and leave the single carrot-box for extra plants or something. We'll still plant peas and I want herbs again. I can never get my herbs to grow and live so I'll probably buy plants and try to keep them alive.


Webpage update

It took a long time but I've finally added a few rec'ed fanfics to my webpage. I've even branched out into a new (for me) fandom and am currently reading Hikaru no Go at AO3.

Genealogy rant

I took a 14 days free subscription at Ancestry (it's nearly up BTW) since I wanted to compliment my info from FamilySearch and various sites etc. I've been looking at trees for the past several hours and it's time for a little rant.

I've been comparing/adding info on Hulda Christina Carlson born 24 Jul 1877 Sweden who emigrated to Chicago with her mother Amanda Charlotta (1850-1924) in Sep 1883. Her father August Carlson (1851-1939) emigrated in Jan 1882. They were naturalized in 1888 and 1889. Hulda Christina married Charles R Craig in 1902, he's from Maryland but I'm pretty sure Hulda never left Cook Co, IL. She died 16 Jun 1964 and he died in 1912, both in Chicago.

With the leaf-thing I've found 4 family trees with two different Hulda Carlson, 3 of the trees contains the same Hulda Craig but with mish-mashed and faulty info. I've found info about at least 5 different Hulda Carlson within the trees. They are variants of Hulda Christina Carlson Craig, Hulda Carolina Carlson, Hulda Carlson Enebom, Hulda Mathilda Carlson and Hulda Carlson. No, they're not all the same person despite what these trees' owners think!
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trött och deppig


The fanfic writer esama has removed everything from the net this last week. Her was purged on the 5 Jan and her tumblr was closed today or yesterday, she's gone from Ygroups, AFF and deviant-art. Why don't I ever save great fics when I have the chance? I searched my PC for her fics and found two: Myths and Whispers in Corners. I'm so glad I have them because they're great! I'm going to miss her 100+ fics. She wrote great crossovers. She's not dead but still... RIP.


Transformers pre-war Prowl/Jazz

I'm looking for a TF pre-war fanfic taking place on Praxus, humour with slight angst.
Prowl and Jazz meet in a bar filled with enforcers. Prowl is an enforcer and Jazz is a thief trying to rob the place. Jazz starts to flirt with Prowl who arrests him. Jazz starts to court Prowl by sending him stolen but beautiful things like expensive crystal flowers. Everytime Jazz gets arrested he stays awhile before somehow escaping. Jazz isn't actually a thief but a special undercover enforcer, only Prowl's boss knows. Jazz also knows Ratchet, Prowl's medic, who vouches for Jazz. Jazz is on Praxus to take down a very bad mech who killed Prowl's enforcer parents. In one scene they have a picnic on the roof and in another they have a date in the Crystal Gardens. Prowl glitches out at least once due to something Jazz says or does.

Does anyone recognise this?

Update: it took me 4hrs of non-stop googling but I found it!

Webpage update

I've added a few new fanfiction recs but it's still the old code & layout.


Garden and stuff...

I planted the carrot seeds last week (Tuesday? Wednesday?) and tidied up around the strawberries but I still haven't put down the onions and garlics bulbs. I have a spring cold or hay fever (both?) and haven't been up to working in the garden. The peas are soaking in water and I'll sow them in a few days in little containers until they sprout. If I sow them directly some animal or birds will just eat them. Again.
My first blue rosebush is still alive (barely), it's tiny even after 4 years. My second blue rosebush died after a year and I don't think my third one has survived either. I'm not getting any new rosebushes this year. The rosehedge (3 different rosebushes) were trimmed last year (left bush) and also last week (right bush), hopefully it'll give the middle bush space to grow again, it's half-dead. The climbing rose is growing strong but is still little, however we only have one bush left since the other died last summer. Darn animals eating the roots. These are old old old bushes my grandmother got from her childhood's home, we do not want to loose them. There are five (seven?) other bushes spread around the house, two aren't in ideal places (were meant temporally but never got moved), one accidently got mowed over but seems to still live, one is growing fine next to my blue and the last tries to spread away from were we want it to grow. 1 blue, 2 different white, 8 (4 or 5 different) pink.
The chive (my only herb so far) is still growing strong. I haven't removed the flowers (buds) this year because I heard (read?) somewhere they're edible too. I'll have to check it to be sure.
The cherry-trees are blooming. Hopefully the cherries will be edible this year. The trees (3 red, 1 black) have had some kind of decease (I'm guessing) because the berries got black bruises while on the trees the last two years.
The apples and the pears aren't blooming yet but I think they're OK. The plum is blooming and I hope it's OK. It was a bad year for it last year. I think every year except the first was bad, actually.


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